Are you thinking of staging your home for sale? For potential buyers to notice your home after listing it for sale, you want it to be at its absolute best. That’s where staging your home comes in.

Home staging is a decoration method that highlights your home’s best assets. On the first tour, buyers imagine themselves living in such an environment.

With so much to gain, you have to put effort and time into the staging process. Fortunately, many of the best staging tips won’t require spending a lot of cash.

When done right, selling your home will be a quick process. Note that staging your house will affect how potential buyers view your home.

Keep reading to learn the tips for staging your house to sell fast.

1. Start With Curb Appeal

Start With Curb Appeal

You have to make your home stand out to potential buyers. You can do some upgrades during the weekend. They will cost more in sweat equity than money.

Rent a pressure washer and remove grime and dirt on your property. Repaint the doors and make sure the paint doesn’t correspond to the rest of the colors in your home.

Replace old lighting, mailbox, house number, and the welcome mat. Then, tidy up flower beds and lay fresh mulch. Add seasonal flowers, small shrubs, and greenery to empty beds.

2. Cluttered Rooms are Distracting

Reducing clutter in the house should be the first thing you do when staging your house. Clutter can be a distraction to your buyers.

That is because their eyes notice your belongings and not the home’s features. With clutter, the rooms will look small and untidy.

We have bought too much stuff through the years. Reducing personal belongings is an excellent investment of your effort and time.

Buyers have to figure themselves living in the home. For that to happen, it must feel like you don’t.

Free up spaces on the shelves, coffee table, and kitchen. You can have rope baskets to throw into it anything you need but don’t want to see. Containers and storage units are also a great way to free up space.

3. Make Your Home Inviting

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Your house should have a good flow and feel. To make the rooms more inviting, you have to open them up and free up some space.

Remove extra objects from your coffee table. Also, consider hiding the backs of sofas because it can turn off buyers. But that doesn’t mean you push up the furniture against the wall.

Place the furniture away from the wall in functional conversational groups. Thoughtfully use accessories to draw in buyers.

Accessories should share a common texture, shape, or color. Arrange them interestingly where the pieces vary in height and width.

A piece of expert advice is that they should be in threes with a triangular shape arrangement. Then, place the tall objects at the back.

The bedroom has to be inviting. Consider plush beddings with a soft color palette to portray a relaxing oasis.

4. Renovate the Kitchen and Bathroom

Staging the kitchen is more than removing clutter and doing some cleaning. Consider a remodel if your kitchen is holding back the chances of receiving an offer. You will make back the amount spent on remodeling on the sale.

A new kitchen is impactful to potential buyers. Buyers will see that you have done renovations on the house.

You also have to scrub bathrooms over and over. A scuzzy bathroom is a turn-off to buyers. Remove any sign of mold from the bathroom floor and walls.

Check faucets and remove stains of hard water. Also, remove clutter by removing your products and cosmetics in the cabinets.

Add new rugs, shower curtains, and bathmats. Repaint the tiles if they look old. You can fix discolored grout issues with a bottle of grout stain. If you spot moldy caulk around the shower or tub, use a razor blade to remove it.

After cleaning, use fluffy candles, fancy soaps, white towels, and accessories to create a spa look. Your agent can give you more info to help you make specific changes to add value to your home.

5. Focus on Fresh

A couple of plants and flowers will add freshness and life to your home space. To avoid cluttering one area, space out the plants. But, you should have a few fresh items in the areas that matter.

You can have a vase full of bright flowers at the center of the kitchen table. Have some succulents in your living room and larger potted plants at the corners.

If you don’t have time to go green, fake plants can also set the same atmosphere. Another aspect is making sure there are no odors.

Kids, pets, a damp bathroom, last night’s dinner, and a few other conditions will make your home smell. Inexpensive ways of ridding your house off-odors include baking cookies in the oven or burning candles with a vanilla scent.

Wipe the kitchen sink will a half lemon, then grind the lemon in the garbage bin to get rid of odors. Make sure to clear out the trash bin before any buyer does a house tour. That way, buyers are not hit with any offensive scents.

You should install a scented plug-in in one or a few rooms depending on the layout size of your home. Have it on a low setting when you do that – the smell should be pleasant but mild.

If you are a smoker, limit your smoking outdoors and deodorize when indoors.

Consider the Above Tips When Staging Your Home to Sell

Home Improvement Tips

You don’t need to spend much cash when staging your home to sell. Emphasize your home’s best features keeping in mind that what sells the house and what makes it usable to the buyer are not often the same.

Your staging efforts should lean towards appealing to the widest probable range of buyers. The more potential buyers you get, the greater the trade price.

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