The fact that some 20 million Americans live in mobile homes, means that these homeowners also need every opportunity there is to make their homes as comfortable as possible.

Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom is always a popular choice in these manufactured homes that start off being built in a factory and then being moved to where they are needed.

An advantage with these homes is that because they tend to be a lower-cost option, it is often easier and more affordable to do them up the way you want for less.

Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom is a major renovation choice for these homes as damp is always a major factor when it comes to floor damage.

Different Flooring Options

Cheap Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl  is a synthetic material that is cheap while also being easy to install, making it a great flooring option for mobile homes. Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom requires taking a good look at vinyl.

People do tend to mix vinyl flooring up with linoleum and laminate flooring but they’re not the same, and vinyl is becoming more popular as it comes in wood and stone replicas to look like the real thing.

Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom, whether you live in a mobile home or not, people love vinyl flooring because it is also water-resistant and available in lots of different colors and styles to suit any room in your mobile home. Also, it comes in tiles or sheets so it is also a great option for those with are DIY experts.

Cheap Flooring Options

Sub-flooring plays an important part in choosing flooring for your mobile home. Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom requires you checking the subfloor first.  Some of the older model mobile homes have inferior subflooring and they don’t stand up against water. That means for cheap flooring options, you want to know that you can choose quality flooring that won’t be disadvantaged on inferior subflooring and you may well need to upgrade your sub-flooring.

You can choose cheap flooring options from different tiles, carpets, laminate, wood, vinyl or linoleum floors.

Subfloor Repair

You may have felt areas of the flooring in your mobile home that feel soft and spongy and this needs to be repaired properly. Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom becomes very important with this kind of scenario.

Sub-floor repair isn’t difficult but it has to be done properly. You will need to remove the damaged area of the sub-floor and attach floor joist supports. Then you’ll replace the sub-floor with the new material and level it before replacing flooring over the repaired subfloor.

How to Replace Subfloor

With an older mobile home, you will need to replace your subflooring – that wood part under your actual flooring.  For replacing floor in mobile home bathroom, there are heaps of websites providing you with information and instructions on how to replace your subfloor.

To replace flooring in a mobile home you do need to be an experienced DIYer as this isn’t a job for the person who doesn’t know what a nail and hammer is.

The reason you need to have some experience on how to replace a subfloor is that there are components such as wiring and plumbing  that can be affected in areas such as the bathroom.  One of the more difficult aspects of replacing subfloor is removing the old flooring and trim.

Cheapest Flooring I Can Install Myself

For replacing floor in mobile home bathroom, there are always sales and promotions on different flooring products that can make your flooring project cheap. Also, because of the modern manufacturing techniques available today, you’ve got lots of options. There are easy installations that make for cheap flooring for the DIYer.

For seriously low-budget flooring, you can’t do much better than vinyl sheet flooring as it’s cheap, easy to install and easy to maintain.

Mobile Home Floor Repair

Subflooring is always going to need replaced or repaired at some time, more so it it is an older mobile home. Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom becomes necessary because even in the newer mobile homes, flooring can become soft and warped with any encounter with water.

As already mentioned, to repair flooring in a mobile home you will need some experience. Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom requires you repairing rotting flooring so as to remove the trim and floor covering.

Any leaks will need to be repaired. You have to remember that manufactured home builders construct homes in such a way that the flooring is laid prior to the walls being installed so that will suggest to you how hard repairing these floors can actually be.

Easy Cheap Flooring

If you are on a budget, replacing floor in mobile home bathroom requires you looking at the most suitable, most affordable type of flooring. You can’t get away from the fact that both linoleum and vinyl flooring are the cheapest types of flooring to use.

With linoleum, it’s a case of linoleum coming to you in a roll and you cutting the pieces you need and gluing it down.  Vinyl tiles too, are such a stylish, inexpensive choice for flooring.

Mostly, they come as tiles that you peel and stick. They come in lots of colors and designs and because they are water resistant they suit being installed in bathrooms or kitchens. You can possibly get vinyl about $1,$2 or $3 per sq foot. If those prices are too expensive for your budget, try applying for car title loans with no income verification! You can get the cash you need for your project upfront with no hassle.

Home Depot Laminate Flooring Sale

The Home Depot was founded in 1978, and today this giant hardware store, the world’s largest, has everything you need to keep a mobile home operating at its best. They are always having sales and promotions on their products, and sometimes it’s on their different flooring options.

With a Home Depot laminate flooring sale, you get real deals with laminate flooring. Even laminate flooring going at cheap prices comes from the top brands with warranties so you can always be sure of the quality.

Cost of Replacing Floor Joists

Whether you have wood floors, carpets or vinyl, they rest on the subfloor and this subfloor rest on joists. These joists are beams that support the floor and are supported by a sill or girder.

Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom  can be cheap or expensive, depending on certain factors. Costs will depend on the extent of the damage. In general, costs will be roughly $100-$300 or more per joist.

Dealing with Subfloor

How to Replace Subfloor in Bathroom

The worst scenario is when damage to the subfloor in the bathroom is caused by a leaking toilet. Replacement becomes necessary when the floor is sagging. How to replace subfloor in the bathroom then will require you removing cabinets on the damaged floor, removing the baseboard and taking off the floor covering.

Check the joists. As you can see, while this is a job of a competent DIYer, if you’re not 100% sure, it would be better to get a reliable professional in to do it properly.

Who to Hire to Replace Subfloor

Subfloor repair is always going to be necessary when the subfloor is weakened. With replacing floor in mobile home bathroom, you can’t be waiting around because you don’t know how to get started can see the floor became ever more hazardous to walk on.

If you don’t have sufficient knowledge on how to fix or even replace your mobile home’s subfloor, the wisest move is to call in a flooring professional who will do the job properly and ensure that everything is done properly and up to code.

How to Replace Subfloor Under Wall

Once you know why your subfloor needs repair you’ll need to get it fixed. Once the floor covering has been removed, the subfloor will be cut. You have to have the right skills because you could end up cutting wires or pipes.

It’s why so many people rather get a professional in. The floor joists will be exposed and the contractor might see they are damaged in which case new wood will be added for strength. Then new subfloor panels will be added before reinstalling the carpeting or vinyl flooring you had before replacing the trim.

Cost to Replace Floor Joists and Subfloor

The costs to replace floor joists and subfloor will always vary but generally for this job you could be looking at paying roughly $600 to about $6,000 for the project.

It all depends on what kind of flooring you are looking at and how large the area is that you are replacing.  If you want to be more accurate on how much it will cost, you can use a cost calculator to work it out more accurately and closely.

Mobile Home Construction Diagram

It can help to see a mobile home construction diagram to understand a bit how these homes are constructed and to give you an idea on how to modify or repair yours. If you know the construction methods you can plan your project the right way and save money. When you do research you’ll see that you can even find construction videos to view.

Adding an Extra Layer of Plywood over Subfloor

If you need to install a new plywood floor over a subfloor, the job starts with knowing a little bit about plywood and the types of underlay you want.

Subfloors are mostly made of plywood or particleboard. If you want to put plywood over a particleboard subfloor for instance, you need to know the different kinds of plywood. Installing plywood is quite straightforward. And you’ll be cutting and screwing the plywood down until the subfloor is covered.

How to Install Plywood over Subfloor

If your mobile home has particleboard subfloors, plywood can add durability. You can lay plywood on top of it,r raising the level of your floor.

Both plywood and particleboard are engineered building materials but particleboard is more susceptible to water damage. Plywood should only be installed on dry sub-floor and you’ll need to check the subfloor for evenness along the joists.

Best Flooring for Mobile Home

Who can say – everyone likes something different. One thing is for sure, if you have a sagging, stained mobile home floor, you’ll be thrilled with any kind of new flooring that has been installed properly.

Certainly, when looking for the best flooring for a mobile home, you want a floor that looks good and is easy to clean. If you really haven’t got a clue, you can visit hardware stores or look on the Internet for some inspiring ideas.

What you can spend on new flooring will also come into play when choosing a particular kind of flooring. Hardwood, carpets, laminates, linoleum, vinyl, tiles – they all have their pros and cons.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Subfloor?

You could say that the average cost to replace a plywood subfloor in an average sized room will be in the region of $550. Some people only want to repair or replace a small portion of sub-floor and this can be quick and easy when you get a professional in to do it.

Also, the extent of floor leveling also needs to be factored in. The average cost to remove and replace a sub-floor will be roughly $1.45 and $7 per square foot for materials. Then you will need to include labor costs.


You can’t really tell the person living in a mobile home what kind of flooring will be best. Even replacing the floor in mobile home bathroom is no longer an issue as clever techniques today make it possible to have what you want in an area where there is a lot of moisture.

Consider the weather where you live because if its rainy and muddy, maybe carpeting wouldn’t be a good idea. The costs of different flooring options vary, but the information on the Internet means you can explore all the different flooring options available for manufactured homes, and each one offers pros and cons, value and style to your mobile home.

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