Did you know that the cost to tear off and replace a roof is up to $5,609 – $11,790? This price is only for a 2,000 – 2,200 square foot house. Prices will depend on factors like your contractor, roof difficulty, and location.

Fixing residential roofs is no easy task. But how can we ensure that roof shingles will get the proper fix? Stay with us and learn the five common shingle repair mistakes to avoid.

Using the Wrong Nail Pattern and Nail Length

Using the Wrong Nail Pattern and Nail Length

Some shingle repair mistakes are avoidable from day one. When placing shingles, there is a pattern you should follow.

Manufacturers provide instructions and requirements on how to install their shingles. Follow these instructions for the nails and fasteners when installing a new roof.

Wrong nail placements can cause issues later on. But the biggest problem that can happen is placing your nails exposed to the elements.

Have the proper roof repair equipment. There is a correct length for every style of shingle. If you use the wrong nail length, you will increase the risk of shingles falling off.

Layering On Old Shingles

Putting new shingles on top of old ones might sound like a good idea. But this will cause more problems than anything.

Layering on top of old shingles creates crevices, where moisture and dirt can gather. It will cause a faster collapse and higher shingle repair costs in the future.

Reusing Old Shingles and Flashing

Reusing Old Shingles and Flashing

It sounds cheaper to reuse old shingles and flashings that look good. But this will cause roof shingle problems down the line.

It is the best practice to replace the shingles along with the flashing. Not doing so puts you at risk of having potential water problems like leaks.

Maintain Your Attic

Like every building, having a good foundation is vital. Your attic is the foundation of your roof. Forgetting about it will end up shortening your roof’s life span.

Make sure that your attic has proper ventilation. Without it, your attic will become too hot. It can lead to roof damage and insulation problems that will cost more to repair.

Not Hiring a Professional

Did you know that roofing fatalities were up by 15% in 2019? So why do it yourself and risk injury when you can hire a professional to do the job for you?

Another common roof repair mistake is not getting a professional. Hiring one can help ease your mind knowing that the job is in good hands.

Hiring professionals may cost more, but you can guarantee good work. You can avoid paying more later on if ever you make repair mistakes.

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Avoid These Shingle Repair Mistakes Now

Avoid These Shingle Repair Mistakes Now

There are many ways you can repair your roof. However, there are many ways to commit a mistake with your repairs.

Steer away from these shingle repair mistakes and keep your roof in the best condition it can be. Save money and stay safe by avoiding these mistakes in repairing damaged shingles.

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