A recent Pew Research Center report revealed that residential solar power installations increased by more than 30% in 2021. Many American homeowners are finally making the decision to install solar panels on their roofs.

If you’re interested in getting in on the action, you should hire a solar installer to help you. You should be able to see which solar companies exist in your area by Googling “solar panels companies near me.”

Before you settle on which one you want to work with, though, you should do the right amount of research on every solar company in your city. It’ll help you hunt down the best solar installer around.

Get tips on hiring a great solar company below.

Google “Solar Panels Companies Near Me”

Cost of solar panels in florida

If you happen to have family members, friends, neighbors, etc. with solar panels, you can ask them which solar panel companies they would suggest. Otherwise, you’ll need to Google “solar panels companies near me” to see what your options will be.

You might be surprised to see how many options you’ll have. There are almost 14,000 solar companies in the U.S. today, including many situated right in your city.

Searching for “solar panels companies near me” will give you some sense of which options you’ll have. You can research each one further once you have a running list of them.

Go to Websites for Local Solar Panel Companies

After you search for “solar panels companies near me” and see what your options are, you can then visit the websites for the solar panel companies in your area. You’ll be able to learn a lot about these companies on their websites.

A company’s website will teach you how long they’ve been in the business of installing solar panels. It’ll also give you insight into which types of solar panels companies specialize in installing.

You can get solar here if you’re interested in obtaining solar panels in the Atlanta area.

Skim Through Reviews for Nearby Solar Panel Companies

While the websites for solar panels can teach you a lot about each one, you shouldn’t rely solely on them to get information about local solar installers. These solar installers will all portray themselves in the best possible light on their websites. It’s why you should also look elsewhere for info on them.

Reading through online reviews for solar companies is a great way to get to know them better. You can see which ones are your best options based on what others in your community have had to say about them.

Compare the Costs of Solar Panel Companies

The cost to have solar panels installed on your roof will vary based on many factors. These factors will include:

  • Which type of solar panels you want
  • How many solar panels you need
  • Where solar panels are placed

The solar panel company you hire will also play a big part in the price you’ll pay for solar panels. As a result, you shouldn’t be afraid to call around to different solar panel companies to secure quotes from them. These quotes will come in handy when you’re comparing what different companies can offer you.

Solar Power

Compare the Warranties From Solar Panel Companies

While you’re comparing solar panel companies, you should compare more than just their prices. It would also be worth comparing the warranties that they’re going to be able to give to you.

You don’t want to install solar panels on your roof today and then have to pay for solar repairs within a year or two. You want to make sure your solar panels are covered by a warranty that will protect you from having to pay to get them fixed.

See Which Solar Panel Companies Have Availability

More Americans are installing solar panels than ever before. This has left many solar panel companies very busy.

When you Google “solar panels companies near me” and begin calling different companies, some might tell you they won’t be able to install solar panels for at least a few months. That alone could be reason enough for you to skip them over and call around to other companies.

If a solar company doesn’t have enough time in their busy schedule to assist you, there will always be others out there that can help.

Test the Customer Service for Solar Panel Companies

It’s important to consider the customer service that just about any company can provide before you hire them to do work in your home. It’ll be especially important to make sure a solar panel company can set you up with excellent customer service from the start.

You’re going to spend a lot of time planning out a solar panel system with a company and then executing your plans with their help. You won’t mind going through this process with them when they extend excellent customer service to you.

Solar Air Conditioner

If you get the sense that a solar company doesn’t offer great customer service, it’ll be reason enough to take your business elsewhere.

Hire a Solar Installer to Help You Today

Are you prepared to hire a solar installer to help you install solar panels on your roof? There won’t be any shortage of options for you to choose from.

Kick things off by Googling “solar panels companies near me.” From there, you can research each of your options further until you land on one you really like. It’ll get your solar panel installation project off to a fantastic start.

Get more tips on hiring a great solar panel company by reading through more of the articles published on our blog.

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