Split rails fences are generally cheaper to install than other types of fences. You can choose the type of timber that you want to use for the fence and this makes it easier for you to find something that will suit your budget. You can also choose how many rails you want in the fence. Choosing to have fewer rails will keep the costs down.

A split rail fence tractor supply variety is always a popular choice because they look good out on the farm. These fences are particularly sought after by those living on large properties because while the fence forms an effective boundary, it still gives an open, non-threatening, relaxed look to a property.

Wood is still a very popular choice for fencing across America.  Split rail fence tractor supply is especially sought after as this supplier is known for supplying products for rural properties.

Before choosing the material and style for your fence, think of the fence’s purpose.

Split rail fence

These fences will require a lot more wood than any other kind of fence, and American Chestnut was the wood of choice for these fences in the early days. Then a disease eliminated the tree and cedar became the wood of choice.

Split rail fence tractor supply is where the wood selected for these fences is rot resistant. They are attractive in their simplicity and can actually be rigged up with few tools. Those who work with these fences say they are possible to be erected even on hard ground and require very little hardware.

Also, if the fence requires being moved, it can be easily dismantled and erected somewhere else. The logs have been traditionally cut to the length of 10 to 12 feet.

All about split rail fence

Split rail fence gate

When you install a split rail fence gate, the whole idea is to make sure that the gate looks strong and robust, that it doesn’t sag and that it functions smoothly.

Split rail fence tractor supply gives you options with your choice of wood. The wood that the gate and posts are made of can be raw or treated and that gives it different colors and textures.

Because of the simplicity of the fence, the design of the gate is simple too and adds to the character of the fence. For materials for the attractively simple split rail fence gate, split rail fence tractor supply has all you need, from the fence poles to the hardware.

Split rail fence post

The split rail fence post is typically made from split cedar logs. Depending on where you get your wood posts from, you will find that the posts will have different shapes and dimensions and even some imperfections but that is what adds to the character of the split rail fence. The poles have holes bored through them for the placement of the rails.

In keeping with the rustic simplicity of this particular fence design, the split rail fences are installed by setting the posts with some gravel and soil as opposed to a concrete footing

Split rail fence Menards

Split rail fence tractor supply may not be in your area, and then Menards is another chain of home improvement stores in the United States and they have all the material you need to build a split rail fence. They have raw and treated wood which is perfect for wooden fences and a range of other uses.

When you look in the store, you’ll also find a wide range of wood preservatives  – sealers and stains. Menards has their split rail fence posts from strong cedar wood and their poles are 6′ 6″ high and they also off products for a gate for 3 rails and which will be 3 foot and 3 inches in height when installed.

Split rail fence cost

Nothing is set in stone when it comes to the costs of buying material to build a split rail fence and costs will be reliant on where you managed to buy your poles and hardware etc.

Split rail fence tractor Supply is always an affordable choice. In fact, you save costs with these fences as split rail fencing is essentially made without using hardware, but it all depends on the construction method chosen.

Split rail fences are one of the cheapest fencing options there are and prices range between $10 and $30 per linear foot.

Split rail fence tractor supply always has cedar poles. Cedar is roughly between $10 and $15 per linear foot. Depending on the looks you want for your fence, the rails can be anywhere between 8 feet and 16 feet long and this can alter price too.

Split rail fence with wire

Some people build a split rail fence and then their lives and circumstances change and they want to add wire mesh to the fence. Split rail fence tractor supply knows this and they provide other materials that work hand in hand with these split rail fences.

People often need to stop animals from wandering through the fence. The split rail fence with wire becomes a necessity when you want to keep animals in or out. Maybe you want to look at mesh wire or a special pet galvanized steel gridded fence.

With split rail fence tractor supply you could say that their chicken wire fencing is possibly one of the cheaper options. Square mesh utility fencing is another variety and somewhat more robust than chicken wire.

Agricultural fencing panels are a good option as this is a more heavy-duty option. Attaching the wire to the fence is achieved with different kinds of ties that will secure the wire fencing to a split-rail fence. Split rail fence tractor supply always has all the accessories that go with fencing.

Staples fasten wire fencing tightly and wood staples from a staple gun work well. U-shaped staple stakes will anchor the fence’s bottom to prevent animals from digging under the fence.

Split rail fence Home Depot

The Home Depot is the biggest home improvement retailer in the world. Split rail fence tractor supply is a popular choice to shop for fencing products, but you’ll find a host of materials at Home Depot too that allow the DIYer to make any home improvement they wish.

One of these is when people want wood to build a split rail fence. Home Depot has many departments and lawn, garden and outdoor is big with them, allowing home owners and contractors to purchase products and complete their own DIY projects. They know that these split rail fences date back centuries and they keep all the wood rails and poles for this DIY fencing project.

Split rail fence installation

Split rail fence installation is easy as essentially you buy the poles and rails ready for you in the right sizes from your local hardware store. Split rail fence tractor supply always offers a generous variety of posts and rails as well as spades for digging.

Perhaps the hardest part of installing a split rail fence is digging the post holes, particularly when the ground is rocky with tough roots.  Dig holes about 24 inches deep and 10 inches in width.

Once you know how far apart you want the poles to be, mark the pole area with a bit of spray paint. Of course, you’ll need to mark each pole according to how far you intending putting the pole into the ground.

Each pole must be put in at exactly the same depth. Once you’ve placed the poles upright into each hole, fill the holes. Then it’s a case of sliding each rail through the slot already prepared for you by the hardware store. Then you may want to apply a protective finish to the fence.

Buying the right products

Tractor supply fence post

If you’re looking for split rail fence posts, then take a look at split rail fence tractor supply as they are the biggest rural lifestyle retail chain in America. They’re big on products for improving your home and surroundings as well as offering products for livestock and pets.

For more than 80 years they are your one-stop-shop for all those who live a country lifestyle. You’ll find wooden fence posts with them and the posts have been treated to prevent the wood’s deterioration. The posts also have been treated to repel insects. The posts are sold individually and each of the 8 ft. 4 inch T-posts can be ordered online Buying them in bulk gets you a discounted price.

Tractor supply online

For your convenience, you can buy products online from tractor supply. Split rail fence Tractor supply means you can pick your products online and then pick them up later. When you shop online with them you choose ‘Free In-Store Pickup’.

You need to choose the store where you want your selected items to be picked up. Place your order and you’ll receive a ‘Ready For Customer Pickup’ e-mail. You need to bring your driver’s license and order number to the store. You can look out for the Store Pickup location or you can call the store for curbside delivery.

Menards split rail fence

At Menards, you can find just about anything you want for your home and garden and they come at good prices. With sales items and rebates, you can expect great value.

They are a great source for when you want to build a split rail fence and you can find great deals on their different wood poles and rails. You can shop their selection of fencing, available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials.

2–rail split rail fence

People living in the countryside particularly love the split rail fence. They’re mostly made from cedar wood but you can get them in vinyl too. Split rail fence tractor supply always ensures that you have many options for your fence.

You’ve got options even with an easy fence that is in no way elaborate. You can have them in 2-rail split rail fence option or you can go with 3 or 4 rails even.  If you’re looking for a simple fencing option, then you can’t get much simpler than the 2-rail split rail fence.

Wholesale fence supply

Looking around for fence supplies, you’ll notice a number of hardware stores that will sell you fencing goods in large quantities at low prices and with a discount for buying in bulk like that.

You can get top of the line fencing materials at the best prices. These hardware stores for split rail fence Tractor supply usually have large warehouses where they store their products and they are able to offer these cheaper prices because of the sheer volume that they buy.

There are some other fence and supply stores that aren’t as well known as Home Depot for instance but they are also these one-stop shops for all your fencing needs and perhaps offer a fuller line of fencing products and at better prices. It requires some research.

A chain-link fence has quite a few names such as hurricane fence or chain wire fence among others. It’s not a new fence type and it’s a popular choice for commercial and residential applications.

Tractor supply stocks all the material for these chain link fences which turn out to be strong, durable fences.  For those people who like to know what’s going on on the other side of the fence, these fences form a protective barrier but you can see what’s going on with them. Cost-wise, they are affordable and require no finishing.


Split rail fence tractor supply style always means you can rely on a wide variety of wood poles and rails for your fences. Wherever you buy your split rail fence supplies, its price is no great sum, but the design of the fence will allow you to enjoy its simplistic good looks every day.

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