Did you know that many American homeowners still see having a lawn as one of the best features of a property? Whether you want to showcase perfect grass or a space for your family and pets to play on, lawn care is a great investment.

Have you ever wondered how to take care of your lawn so that it stays healthy all year round? Here are five lawn care tips for spring that you can work into your yard work schedule today.

1. Check Your Lawnmower

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Before using your lawnmower, you should check that it is fully functioning. Any clogged-up dirt and dust can prevent it from working properly.

Make sure to change your oil as well. Do a thorough deep clean and check how the blade works. If it is dull or has nicks, then you may want to replace it.

2. Do Spot Repair

Your lawn may not be perfect when you resurrect it after winter ends, so part of spring lawn care is fixing bald spots. You do not have to do major work to fill in your lawn.

Go to your local home and garden store to get small spot treatment. You will have to water the new seeds more frequently to ensure they blend in with the other parts of your lawn.

3. Remove Dead Leaves and Debris

In order for healthy new grass to grow, you need to make sure there is no debris leftover. Do a once-over of your lawn and pick up any sticks, twigs, and dead leaves.

For an easy way to remove all of this, try a leaf blower. Have a look at a backpack leaf blower that can get the job done in a snap.

4. Thicken Your Grass

Thicken Your Grass

Your lawn may be intact, but you should thicken and grow your grass to make sure that it can withstand the elements.

Fertilizer your lawn regularly as part of your yard care routine. If you use a lawn care company, make sure to specify which product they should use to avoid harming the grass.

5. Prevent Weeds and Dandelions

One of the final steps to keep your lawn looking pristine is getting rid of weeds. Thickening your grass will also allow the grassroots to choke out weeds that could potentially grow.

However, some weeds can be stubborn, so you may need to use a weed killer. When you pull weeds, grab them by the roots so they do not have the chance to regrow.

Use These Lawn Care Tips

Use These Lawn Care Tips

You should not have to spend a lot of money in order to maintain a beautiful lawn. With these lawn care tips, you can get your lawn up and running again when the spring season arrives.

Would you like to learn more about how you can create a perfect yard for your needs? Check out our site for more tips and tricks to make your lawn shine.

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