New home construction is at an all-time high. With low housing inventory available to buyers, many people are skipping the pre-owned home market and building a new home. With more people moving to condos and apartment buildings, construction is also rising.

Most builders use wood to build the frame of a home, but steel construction for residential buildings can be a great alternative. A steel framework is solid, and steel in housing construction can have many benefits.

Here’s why using steel construction in residential buildings is a good idea.

Steel Construction Is Durable

Steel Construction Is Durable

Unlike wood, steel construction is high quality because it’s fire-resistant, waterproof, and can withstand the worst of any weather conditions. Building with steel is best if you are building in an area prone to hurricanes or earthquakes. Steel won’t crumble.

Steel also stands up well to heavy snow. You won’t get termites, mildew, or mold when you use steel, and you won’t need to treat it for any of those problems. Cleaning is a breeze with power washing and mile soap.

Over time, steel buildings do not wear down like wood or other materials. Building with steel means it won’t change with the weather when it gets warmer or cooler.

When considering structural steel supply for steel in housing construction, you will want a distributor who can get you ample steel supply for your project.

Lightweight Construction

Lightweight Construction

Steel is lightweight, which means costs to build the home or apartment building foundation will be lower.

Even though steel weighs more than wood, it’s denser. However, when building with steel, the support beans make the entire project lighter. It’s more structurally sound.

Design Elements

You can customize steel in housing construction in many ways.

Imagine building a modern home or apartment building using steel, glass, brick, or other materials. It makes it truly unique. Using steel in housing construction allows architects to use curves and arches.

You can paint the steel framework to match any style of decor or setting of your home.

Fast Construction

You can use pre-fab steel construction when your home or apartment building is rural or urban. Builders assemble the housing on-site, which makes for quick installation. It can reduce the time for larger projects even more than smaller projects.

Fast construction reduces labor costs. The quicker the building goes up, the quicker you’ll see a return on your investment.

Environmental Benefits

Steel is recyclable, which means it’s sustainable and good for the environment. Using recycled steel reduces greenhouse gasses and emissions.

When builders demolish steel construction, they can use it for other projects, reducing the impact on the environment. Less waste in a landfill is better for everyone.

Steel Construction Is the Best Idea

Steel Construction Is the Best Idea

When building a home or apartment, steel construction is a good idea for many reasons, including its durability, lightweight construction, and flexible design elements. It’s also a fast construction process and has excellent environmental benefits.

Steel is a great alternative that should be on the top of your list!

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