Winters haven’t subsided yet and heaters have remained in high demand as citizens flock to the nearest hardware store to get a space heater for heating their homes. Different types of heaters are introduced in the market for various purposes. There are small fan heaters to big large boilers for central heating systems but we’re going to look at what types of heaters are the best space heater for large rooms.

Types of heaters

The three main types of heaters are radiator, convection, and hybrid heaters that are a combination of both radiator heaters and convection. Radiator heaters are known to radiate heat outwards and are run on some sort of fuel (Gas, oil) or electricity. On the other hand, convection heaters use air circulation to heat an area. Then there are ceramic heaters that are considered to be hybrid as it uses ceramic for heat generation and fan to blow heat outwards.

It’s not just the type of heater that plays a role in how fast a room is heated. Baseboard, freestanding, wall, and more are some of the designs of a heater. A wall heater might be able to spread heat faster, unlike a freestanding one. Before we go to look at the best space heater for large rooms, let’s first look at the factors that one should consider before buying the best space heater for large rooms.

Factors to keep in mind before purchasing a heater

Here are a few factors that one must consider when buying the best space heater for large rooms.


You’ll never be able to heat the whole room if you don’t know about power and room size. Here’s a rule of thumb. For every square foot of living space, you need to have 10 watts of the heater to heat it. Start by measuring up your room and multiply it by 10. Use this as a rule of thumb to help you narrow down your heater choices.


There are different types of energy sources heaters use like gas, fuel, electricity and a combination of these. Cheapest among these energy sources are gas heaters as they can quickly heat the room but are considered to be dangerous among others. Electric heaters have a lower installation cost but are expensive when it comes to electricity consumption. Think carefully about what heater might suit your needs.


Look at your room where you want the space heater. See where the heater would look nice. Would it work well if it was sitting on the floor or wall a fireplace light up the living space better or a wall fit heater suits the aesthetics of the room? Many more questions may arise in terms of space, hence we do suggest taking your time in determining what would be best for space. Maybe you might find a standing heater more feasible since it can be taken from one room to the other.


This is a deciding factor for many as people want the best bang for their buck. Many prefer to have all sorts of features that they won’t even use when it comes to deciding what heater to purchase. However, not all features are worth considering. Take your time to understand which feature would work best for you (from the adjustable thermostat to timer and more) before purchasing a space heater.

Consider safety aspect before purchasing the best space heater for large rooms

Safety should always be everyone’s number one priority. You need to know that if you’re considering the best space heater for large rooms then you need to be wary of the safety standards. The space heater must go through rigorous testing before it is sold to the retailers. The best way to know if a space heater has been tested for safety is to look at some of the stickers.

Stickers like Underwriters Laboratory, Intertek, or Canadian Standards Association state that your space heater has been tested properly before being marketed. You might be able to see safety labels on the heaters box or the bottom or backside of display units. This can help you narrow down your search to find not only the best space heater for large rooms but also the safest.

Once you’ve identified that the space heater has been tested at the laboratory, it’s time to check the safety features of the space heater. Many like to go for a cool-touch exterior which ensures that the exterior of the heater does not heat up and lead to fire hazards. There are other safety features like the automatic switch-off function which turns the heater off when the space heater starts to overheat. There are also safety features like anti-trip which ensures that the heater switches off immediately upon tripping. This prevents carpets or other types of flooring from damage and fire.

There are safety features in gas heaters in regards to carbon monoxide switch off. If there is not enough oxygen for combustion, the heater will automatically switch off which interns prevent the production of carbon monoxide. If you’re in the mood for a gas heater for the winters, try to get vented combustion heaters as they are much safer than the unvented ones.

So, we’ve finally made it to the best space heater for large rooms section. The heaters will be categorized for individuals to make a sound choice.

Best space heater for large rooms over different categories

Here we will look at some of the best space heaters for large rooms according to different categories. It should be known that not all space heaters are equal and they all serve different purposes. Some heaters will be made for portability while others might focus on efficiency rather than safety features and so on. In this list, we have divided the heaters among categories and chosen the best space heater for large rooms for the categories they represent.



The Dr infrared is the best space heater for large rooms that is portable. Standing at 1500-Watt the heater can cover 150 square feet of living space roughly and has easy wheels for users to shift from one location to the other. The blower is very quiet and highly efficient making the heater perfect for dry seasons too as it does not dry out the air. The heater has pretty neat safety features like tip-over and 12-hour running safety. The heater is 60% more efficient than those with the same wattage. It can heat up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and provide warmth up to 4 meters. The heater is perfect for large spaces however the grate of the heater can get very hot and therefore touching it can be highly dangerous. The heater is 1500W however it draws on a lot of electricity and can be costly to operate. If you’re looking for something that might save you in electricity costs, then this one is not for you. But if you’re looking for the best space heater for large rooms that is portable without cost considerations, then this will be perfect.

Wall Heater

The cadet twin is the best space heater for large rooms that fit perfectly inside a wall. It is quite large but can fit discreetly into wall spaces while heating large rooms. The heater is known to heat 250 square feet of living space in 5 minutes and can provide warmth in a space of 650 square feet. This is due to the 4000W power requirement making it a large heater. Consider keeping it in your living room or large rooms that are mostly occupied. Having such a large heater in a small room or your bedroom eliminates the purpose of cadet twin-wall space heaters. There is however a slight issue with this one. The thermostat does not work well and it’s difficult to bypass the one it comes with.



Infrared technology heaters are great because they do not dry out the air which can cause irritation and dryness on skin and eyes. Lifesmart is the best space heater for a large room that features infrared technology. The heater has a flame display that will make you feel cozy while being able to heat 1000 square feet of living space in just 1500W. The model is somewhat portable too and can be used as zonal heating. However, a LifeSmart heater does not have an overheat feature and its fan is pretty loud. Even with these shortfalls, the heater stands out with its beautiful design and superb performance.


Lasko 5160 is considered a great ceramic space heater which is also a tower heater. This ceramic heater is very quiet and can easily be used in bedroom settings. The product is durable and sturdy making a suitable heater for those who have kids or pets around the house. Since it has a cool exterior touch feature, the exterior remains cool to the touch even after hours of use. It may be small in size but delivers on all fronts by heating a large room very quickly. However, many have complained about how the auto setting consumes a lot of power because the thermostat is highly inaccurate. The 1500W heater can produce warmth at equal distribution ensuring all parts of the room remain warm.

Energy Efficient

Recently, Delonghi’s panel heater was recognized for its energy efficiency and hence makes it on our list of best space heaters in terms of energy efficiency. The unit is compact and users can also dual mount it either on the wall or the floor. The heater comes with a mounting kit giving users plenty of options. It is very customizable due to its efficient thermostat settings. It is light and can easily be moved around, however where the De’Longhi truly shines is its safety features. The heater has to overheat protection technology and also tip-over safety features making it a superb heater. Some do find the humming noise when it’s turned on to be distractive. The two settings of 1500W and 750W are perfect for anyone looking for customizations.

Oil-filled: DeLonghi oil-filled radiator space heater

DeLonghi oil-filled radiator space heater

Delonghi’s done it once again with their superb oil-filled radiators. This oil-filled heater comes pre-assembled making it very convenient for home users. The radiator does not require any maintenance and keeps an optimal temperature for reduced operational costs. There are three heater settings and an adjustable thermostat making it a great option for living room or even bedroom settings. The radiator has an anti-freeze setting, so if the temperature drops below a certain degree, the radiator will automatically turn on providing much-needed warmth. The shortfall of this radiator is that it takes time to heat up and a new unit might smell a bit weird for the first few uses.

There are many other space heaters out there on the market. Our guide is simply an introduction to some of the best space heaters for large rooms and gives an idea to readers on what to expect from their heaters or what kind of heater would be perfect for them. Before we end our guide, it is our duty to ensure safety is always considered first when handling space heaters during this winter.

How to use space heaters safely?

Firstly before using the heater, make sure there are all safety stickers and labels present on it. Once that is ensured, follow our guidelines below for safely using your space heater.

  1. Make sure the heater is placed on a hard flat surface that is prone to fire
  2. Keep a safe zone of 3 feet around the heater where all kids and pets will not be allowed. Not all heaters have a cool-touch exterior hence can be dangerous for those around.
  3. Remove any furniture or cloth materials like curtains, beddings, carpet, and more to avoid any fire breakouts. Many times there have been incidents over the news on a fire gone wild because of a space heater.
  4. Check the cord of the heater to see if there is any type of damage. Damages to the cord can lead to electrical faults and failures which can be hazardous to those that come in contact with it.
  5. Avoid plugging another cord in the same socket where the heater is connected. Heaters draw on a lot of power and having other devices connected can cause overheating.
  6. Make sure you have smoke alarms in the rooms where heaters are being operated. This is to ensure future safety in case if things go south.
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