The most beautiful homes are those that you can spot from the curb. They have gorgeous brickwork, perfectly placed, inviting you in.

The right masonry work will create the curb appeal you need to boost the value of your home. But the wrong masonry can wreck your curb appeal not to mention your home overall.

How do you know if you’re hiring a masonry contractor you can trust? Keep reading to learn the major questions you should ask as you look at masonry contractors in your neighborhood.

Are They Licensed?

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First and foremost, do not hire a masonry that isn’t licensed. You want a mason with masonry project experience and an affordable masonry project budget. But even if they have all this but no licensing, move on to the next mason.

A licensed masonry contractor ensures that you’re protected in the process. They should have proper insurance and bonding to protect you as they work a difficult and sometimes dangerous job.

Ask the mason if they’re licensed to operate in your state, not just if they’re licensed overall. Ask them about certifications as well and ask if you can see their proof of insurance.

Can They Handle the Job?

Ask the mason if they can handle the scope of your project. After all, there’s a difference between laying a brick pathway and installing a retaining wall. Look for a contractor who can handle your project so you’re not left high and dry partway through the project.

Spend time reading online reviews as well to make sure you’re hiring a great contractor. Some contractors desperate for work will overestimate their ability to complete a job. Online reviews are an honest way of learning if they can handle it or not.

What Materials Do They Use?

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Ask the mason about their preferred materials as well as the materials you’d like on your project. Not all masons have experience working with all materials. Ask for pictures of their previous jobs so you can see their work.

If you can view their work in person, do so. Then you can trust the full scope of the mason’s ability rather than just a few snapshots.

What’s the Cost and Timeframe?

Ask for an estimate of the cost of the job. They should have a detailed estimate as well as an estimated timeframe for the job. This way you can avoid unknown surprises down the road.

How Will They Acquire and Dispose of Materials?

Who is responsible for acquiring and disposing of materials when your mason begins their job? This is an important question to ask before you sign any contracts. Are you required to pick up the materials, or will the contractor do this?

Tips To Hire a Masonry

Ask about disposal as well. Who will do the final cleanup after the mason has finished their job? Will they take care of the debris after they’ve finished the job?

Hiring a Masonry Contractor Like a Boss

Once you’ve asked these questions, you can move forward confidently in hiring a masonry contractor. You’ll ensure that you have hired a licensed, experienced, and affordable contractor.

In the end, you’ll have a beautiful mason job completed, with gorgeous curb appeal and more valuable home.

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