When the majority of the gardeners dive into landscaping, they think of trees and plants. However, landscaping with stones and rocks to accompany trees and plants can be a very refreshing way to add color, texture, and more life to your garden. Landscaping stones are not just beautiful and artistic to look at, cleverly used they can play a part in soil erosion as well. Everyone who appreciates beauty wants these stones in their garden, and then landscaping stone pricing will need to be considered. A small pebble garden will cost a lot less than boulder-type rocks around your swimming pool.

When you start making inquiries on landscaping stone pricing, you will notice that landscape rock suppliers will charge you by the ton or cubic yard, and prices will depend on the kind of rocks you want and the scale of your project.

Landscaping stone pricing – See how stone prices differ

Landscaping stone pricing - See how stone prices differ

With landscaping stone pricing, look at decomposed granite and lava rock just to give you an idea of landscaping stone pricing variations. Decomposed granite is very much like gravel but it is just finer. It is formed from the natural weathering of solid granite, a hard igneous rock.

Decomposed granite is like sand and is great for pathways. If you were to order a ton of decomposed granite you will be looking at roughly$25 – $50 a ton for it.

Then there is lava rock. This is molten rock released during a volcanic eruption. When cooled it crystallizes to form igneous rocks also known as basalt. They are used as a filler in flowerpots or flower beds.

Gardeners love the black lava rocks when they have a tropical designed garden around their swimming pool. If you were to order a ton of lava rocks, you’ll be looking at landscaping stone pricing of roughly $120 to $200. So you can see the price of different landscaping stones differ.

Some things that can affect landscaping stone pricing

Certain landscape rocks cost more than others. The type of landscape stone or rock you choose will affect your total landscaping stone pricing as well as other factors –

  • the size of your landscape stone/rock project
  • the actual size of the rocks, and colors
  • transportations and delivery costs
  • installation

Landscaping stone pricing – You can’t put a general price on stones

You can’t just put a general price on the stones and they differ drastically. Landscape stone pricing will be impacted by the size of the stones or rocks as well as other factors.

Lawns are truly beautiful but they have become less popular these days, not because of anything else than that they require upkeep. Lawns can also let you down when you have a drought and water restrictions and the grass turns brown and dies. Come rain or sunshine, landscape stones and rocks are durable, stylish, and require virtually no upkeep.

Decorative landscaping rocks come in more colors and styles than you may be familiar with. do not let anyone tell you that certain rocks are in fashion and others not.

Landscaping rocks in all their different forms and colors are always in fashion in your garden, whatever you are using them for.  Nature is timeless and so are the stones and rocks that come from nature – you simply choose what appeals to you and makes you feel delighted every time you look at your garden design.

Landscaping stone pricing – Artificial stones and rocks alter prices

Landscapers and even architects know that in today’s difficult times with people counting their pennies, they are trying to come up with ways to reduce construction costs of new homes and landscaping costs and they are coming out with artificial stones and rock.

Yes, they are not as durable, but they are cheaper and they can help you achieve a certain look without the out-of-reach price tag.

Artificial stone is made from a concrete or fiberglass mixture and they are lightweight, strong, and look like the real thing. Some people like to use them to cover ugly things in their gardens such as electrical boxes or drain covers.

They look so much like the real thing that you can use them in place of real stones and rocks in your garden. They are durable and will last for years.

These artificial landscaping stones and rocks are ideal for residential and commercial use. They are lightweight and a quick way to add some interest and beauty to your garden.

You will find a variety of authentic-looking artificial rocks in several sizes, colors, and styles, copying the look and feel of real stone and rocks. They are lightweight, they come with ground stakes to hold them in place, they are strong enough to climb on, and they are UV protected.

When you look for large artificial rocks of 24 x 18.5 x 17.5 inches in size you will see that the rocks come with a natural look and texture that blend in perfectly with gardens and lawns. The rocks can withstand extreme weather conditions. When it comes to landscaping stone pricing, a sturdy rock such as this will be priced at about $62.

Landscaping with real rocks can get out of hand if you are on your own and you do not have the strength to move them around. They are heavy and come in awkward shapes. That is when you rope in the services of a professional landscaper.

Landscaping stones and rocks have become an essential item when landscaping a garden and with stones and rock, there is a wide variety to choose from. Rocks and stones can be used for driveways, pathways, around the swimming pool, for patio surfaces, planter walls, gazebos, stepping-stones, and much more.

Landscaping stone pricing – Certain stones suit certain projects

Landscaping stone pricing - Certain stones suit certain projects

It will pay off to know a little bit about the different landscaping stones there are because you want to be sure that they are suitable for the particular project you have in mind. You need to look at the different stones and choose the ones that you think will be nice with your home and garden.

All the stones have different colors so you will find stones of brown, tan, grey, black, blue, reddish, yellowish, and white. You can really go to town by choosing colors and textures that will enhance any area of your garden. Most people fancy the idea of collecting rocks and stones from surrounding areas so that they become natural landscape features.

When you start looking around for places where you can buy landscaping stones, you will find that some places carry more than 25 different varieties of stone. There is really no end to what you can do with the stone and that is why it is a good idea to become just a little bit familiar with all the stone types there are. You would not be disappointed with your choice through lack of knowledge. You can choose boulders, lava rock, gravel, decomposed granite, river rocks, flagstone, sandstone, and much more.

Landscaping stone pricing – Boulders bring the force of nature into your garden

One of the advantages of using natural stone boulders in your garden is that you have to wonder about what forces of nature created such a majestic boulder.

These large landscaping stones can totally alter the appearance of your garden. You may even want to place your boulders around an old tree trunk, and with a birdbath in the midst of this, you can encourage a variety of interesting plants to grow around them and entice lots of birds to your small oasis in your garden.

Those who love creativity in their gardens will want to have a good look at landscaping ideas with boulders. Landscaping with boulders can make some interesting focal points in your garden, whether you choose just one or you choose to have several.

Tallgrass and palm trees always look wonderful around a pond or a swimming pool. If you are going to be landscaping with boulders, landscaping stone prices will be something that needs to be considered.  You will need to work out what the average price for the natural boulders will be and also installation costs.

You can always type into Google, ‘landscaping boulder prices for 2021 and see what comes up. You will know firsthand what it is going to cost as there are even landscaping boulder estimators online that will give you an idea of boulder pricing in your area.

Boulders are heavy and difficult to move, but a professional landscaper will know precisely how to tackle the problem of getting them to your home and garden and placing them. There is no limit to what you can do with boulders because of the variety of sizes you get. A landscaper can explain to you all the different ideas you can come up with when you bring boulders into your garden.

Landscaping stone pricing – Landscaping rocks and lighting

The shape of a boulder and its different colors can often determine its placement. Boulders make wonderful focal points, particularly with landscape lighting and you can experiment with different lights to create a host of different effects.

Whatever you want to do with your boulders, they are there to compliment the beauty of your garden. Landscaping stone pricing for boulders can be anything and you can expect the landscaping boulder prices to fluctuate quite a bit between the different landscaping companies.

Some companies might after a price per ton for large boulders between $100 to $600 while someone else will give you the prices of $250 to $500 for the same consignment of boulders.

When you are installing boulders, it is not just a case of going to the nursery and buying some interesting-looking stones and rocks for your garden. These are large, heavy rocks that can only be installed professionally. Therefore you will need to calculate landscaping contractor fees too.

Roughly they will charge $40 to $80 an hour to prepare your ground for the installation. One ton of boulders will take a few hours to place.

Landscaping stone pricing when it includes delivery can be about $300 to $350. As already suggested, nothing can be set in stone and exact costs of landscaping stone pricing, delivery, and installation will vary according to the company, the size of the stones you want, the amount you want, and whether you want them laid for you.

River Rock Prices Per Ton

River Rock Prices Per Ton

River rock is particularly sought after for the garden because of its sheer beauty. The rocks come in so many beautiful colors and they are known for their smooth round texture and rounded shapes.

Landscapers always use river rock for landscaping because of its wide range of beautiful applications. You can create borders with them, create interesting walkways with them or decorate your ponds, pools, and fountains with them.

As with all landscaping stone pricing, the price of river rock will depend on how much you need and the kind of river rock you want to order. As always, it is better to buy bulk river rocks by the ton instead of by the pallet.

It is always a good idea to avoid wasting money by buying bags of river rock from the nursery unless of course, you have a particularly small project in mind.  If you have a big project in mind with the use of river rocks, buying by the ton will work out to be far cheaper.

It is almost always cheaper to buy in bulk. Buying landscaping stones in an area close to where you live can save you money because, for starters, they do not have to transport the stones from afar.

The huge range of landscaping stone pricing

Landscaping stone pricing is vast – there is no one answer as too many factors come into play, even the size of your garden.

There is a wide range of costs when it comes to introducing stones and rocks into your garden but the joy and pleasure they bring will make it all well worthwhile.

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