You’ve found the home of your dreams and you’re ready to sell your current home.


Finding your dream home is amazing, but now it’s time to get down to the business of selling your house. The latest statistics show over 5.6 million sales in 2020.

Selling your beloved home is emotional but it’s also a business decision. You want the most money in the shortest amount of time when you sell your house. There are some important steps to take to make your home stand out to buyers.

If you’re getting ready to sell for any reason, take a look at this article to sell your house fast for top dollar!

Take the Smell Test

selling a home for cash

You only have seconds to make a good first impression on a potential buyer. When someone walks into your home, what do they smell? Some buyers won’t even look inside the rest of the house if they don’t like the smell when their agent opens the front door.

If you’ve lived with pets or kids or you love to cook with fragrant spices, there may be strong or even foul smells in the house. You may not notice because your nose is accustomed to the smells.

Ask a neutral party to come into your home and let you know what they smell. If an unbiased person thinks it smells bad, work on getting to the root of the odor and eliminating it.

Avoid masking odors since most people can tell you’ve got something to hide.

Declutter the Whole House

There are many types of homes but one thing most of them can use is decluttering. Even if you only have a few tasteful knick-knacks, to others that equates to clutter.

Take it one room at a time and declutter the tables, counters, and windowsills first. If you leave a lot of appliances on the kitchen counter, put as many away as you can. If you don’t have room to hide them behind closed doors, put them in storage while you’re showing your home.

Don’t stop with the visible clutter. Turn your attention to drawers and the insides of cabinets and closets.

Is your bedroom closet overflowing with clothes? A stuffed closet appears smaller than a closet with plenty of breathing space between the hangers. Put some clothes in storage.

While you’re decluttering, start on the next step…

Depersonalize Your Home

While you’re decluttering, also remove personal photos. This makes it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves in your home. If the walls are full of photo galleries of your family and pets, it’s harder for someone to see themselves there.

Consider removing religious and political items as well. If you rub someone’s sensibilities the wrong way, they won’t want to buy your home.

Do you have any bold statement pieces of artwork? Remove those too. Not everyone has the same taste and you don’t want to turn someone off.

You’re aiming for a clean, blank canvas that someone else can picture themselves living in.

Consider Painting

If your walls are clean and fresh, repainting isn’t a must but consider painting if you have accent walls or bold colors. Opt for neutral, light colors on the walls. This makes the rooms appear bigger and cleaner.

professional painting company

Does this sound like too much work? There are other ways to sell your house fast.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Do more than dust and vacuum. Your house should shine.

Deep clean the entire house, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. Use a steam cleaner on the carpets or get a professional to clean them.

Start in one room and don’t go to the next until it’s sparkling. That includes cleaning ceiling fans, light fixtures, and window blinds or curtains. Scrub the woodwork and walls if you’re not painting.

Don’t forget to clean the windows. Clean windows let in more light, and most buyers look for bright homes.

Improve Curb Appeal

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to improve your curb appeal, but remember the outside is the first thing buyers see. Pressure wash the outside of the house and then wash the windows.

Keep the lawn mown and the bushes trimmed.

Declutter and clean the front porch. Don’t overload it with furniture. It’s easy and affordable to give the front door a fresh coat of paint or stain if it looks worn or old.

It’s also easy to repaint or touch up the front porch and soffit trim. Clean the gutters and make sure they’re flowing without obstacles.

Time to Stage

You’ve cleaned, decluttered, and de-personalized the house. You’ve improved the curb appeal and everything looks great. Now it’s time to stage.

If your rooms are crammed with furniture, it’s time to put a few things in storage. Rearrange rooms so there’s an easy and natural flow from room to room.

Do you have big, overstuffed furniture in small rooms? Replace those pieces with something smaller so the room looks bigger.

When you have potential buyers coming to see the home, put a few vases of fresh flowers out.

Real Estate Agent

Find the Best Real Estate Agent

Almost everyone knows a real estate agent but it’s a good idea not to use friends to sell your home. Look for an experienced agent in your area.

Real estate is local. Even a nearby neighborhood can have different prices, so you need someone who knows your area inside and out. The best realtor knows if your neighborhood is walkable and if the school district is excellent.

A knowledgeable agent knows what to put in the marketing materials to entice buyers to your home.

Use These Tips for Selling Your House

Be a smart homeowner and use these tips for selling your house fast. Declutter, depersonalize, and do a deep clean. Improve your curb appeal and then stage the house.

Ensure there are no bad odors by having a neutral party give it the sniff test. Now you’re ready to find a local agent and get your house sold fast!

Are you looking for more tips and real estate advice? You can find lots more on the blog!

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