Lighting in a room doesn’t necessarily have to come from the ceiling. Did you know that a floor lamp is a practical, elegant, and modern alternative? With a multitude of models and colors, the floor lamp has the advantage of being carried wherever you want in the room. And the best thing is that it is super versatile and matches any decor in any room.

With articulated or fixed models, with or without a dome, in black, white, or metallic – there is a wide range of models that can match what you need.

Most Common Models

Floor Lamp Lighting

Find out what types of floor lamps are available to complement your decor and how to choose to match your style.

Traditional floor lamp: This is the lamp composed of a pole as a base and with a dome in the lighting area, which can be circular, conical, or round. Your space becomes cozy and welcoming with the effect of light. You can place your floor lamp in the corners of your room or by your sofa.

Curved floor lamp: Modern, this type of floor lamp has a metal base material, such as steel or aluminum. Its curvature allows a greater focus on a certain part of the room, which is why it is often used in reading or study corners.

Swing Arm Floor Lamp: The base of its material is made of metal, and you have the freedom to move the focus of light to where you want.

Tripod Floor Lamp: This lamp is similar to spotlights which you can find in photography or cinema studios. The model stands out for the number of feet and the numerous varieties of styles.

Tips On How To Choose The Right Lamp

floor lamp

The ideal floor lamp for a room must match the available space, its functionality, and the decorative style of the room. Here are some tips to match the floor lamp with your space:

  • Traditional and far-fetched floor lamps for classic decors.
  • Contemporary environments call for modern designs.
  • If it’s a neutral colored room, consider choosing a colorful and modern floor lamp. The idea is to bring life to the space, and elegance and highlight the piece. There are no limits to choice – just take into consideration the size limited to the object and voilà.
  • Rustic decors call for handmade floor lamps, i.e. those made of wood or a dome made of natural fabrics.
  • Retro floor lamps ensure a carefree touch to a space, especially if you don’t want to get too bold with decorating.

Choosing A Light Bulb

Floor Lamp

Choosing the appropriate model for your decor is key, but even more so is the choice of light. Did you know that the color of the lighting directly affects the feel of the room? Floor lamps aimed at a study, work, or reading space hang from white bulbs.

However, when you intend to buy a floor lamp that offers comfort and tranquility to the space, we recommend choosing yellow light bulbs.

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