Do you need a home renovation done quickly? Maybe you have a guest coming and the spare room is still just a place to put everything? Maybe you’re flipping somewhere, and you just need it presentable to sell? Maybe you’re simply impatient to get the home of your dreams? Whatever the hurry, we’ve got a few tips that will allow you to get a move on with that home décor project. Find out what suggestions we have here.

Home Renovation Tips

Buy Now, Pay Later

home renovation payment

If you’re looking for some new furniture in your newly redone home, you can get it chosen, bought, and into your home quickly with the use of furniture finance payment plans. A ‘buy now, pay later’ payment plan will allow you to take out even bad credit furniture financing, so that you can buy your living room set, take it home, and pay for it down the line. It’s a great solution if you need to quickly get a few essentials in your new home, for example, allowing you to worry about paying for it later.

Get It Delivered

home renovation delivery

And, while you’re at the furniture store, you can look into their delivery options. Getting your furniture delivered will mean that you can set a date, head home, and relax as professionals get your new furniture into your home. They have the truck to transport it, the strength to get it up windy stairs, and the navigation to make sure it’s not damaged before it’s in your home.

However, delivery options, depending on how busy they are and what you’re buying, might take months. If you don’t have that kind of time, you can ask about renting a truck and taking the piece home yourself to be extra fast.


The harsh reality is that painters and decorators will do a great job, but only between the hours of 9-5. If you’re someone who maybe finds painting a wall fun or even a little therapeutic, you can open the tin of paint and get started in the dead of night without having to negotiate times with a decorator that is likely to have to fit you in between other clients. If your home renovations are simple, you can save time and money by getting most of them done yourself and you can hire a decorator for things that take a little more effort.


home renovation

The easiest and quickest way to make a big change in a room is with an accent wall. If you’re just looking for a change in style rather than an overhaul of a room, look at accent options. They don’t have to be a patterned wallpapered wall, as stylish as that is. You can paint a shape onto your wall with color blocking, or an arch over a mirror or headboard, or paint the doorframe a bold color.

An accent is not an entire language, just the hint of something more fun. You can add an accent to a room with no DIY whatsoever if you fancy, and, instead, go bold on throws, cushions, and statement décor pieces for a change that is almost instantaneous.

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