Did you know that 26% of all Americans have no emergency savings whatsoever? When your car dies or your AC goes out, you are left scrambling for solutions.

If you need a new HVAC unit, you can always buy a used one. However, there are other ways to cut down your purchasing and installation costs.

Keep reading to learn tips for saving on your AC installation when you have a small budget.

1. Check Local Incentives

Air Conditioners

If you need an AC installation, check for local incentives to help you with costs. Your state or local utility company might offer rebates to replace an old HVAC system.

In some cases, you can stack offers to save even more money. For example, if your state and local utility offer promotions, apply for them both.

Review current rebate offers from leading HVAC manufacturers when you call to ask for estimates. These rebates can also be added to the state and local incentives you find.

Rebates typically apply to the company’s most expensive AC models. You might get a better deal simply by purchasing a mid-level unit that doesn’t apply to the rebates offered.

2. Look for Off-Season Discounts

An AC installation cost

An AC installation cost is higher during busier seasons like the fall and the spring. This is typically when homeowners focus on their systems and prep for hotter or colder months of the year.

It’s uncommon to find deals during high-peak seasons, but not impossible. To better your chances of saving money, look for companies that offer discounts during the off-season and hire them.

Contractors have to look harder for work in the summer and winter because homeowners have already received their HVAC needs. If you can wait until these months to check for specials that contractors may be running.

Don’t see any discounts during this time? Don’t be afraid to ask about off-season discounts outright. Telling the contractors that you are flexible about getting the work done might help you get a sweet deal as well.

3. Compare Quotes

AC unit installation

The best way to save money on an AC unit installation is to compare quotes from different contractors.

Prices tend to vary from one HVAC company to another. Before making a final decision on who you want to install an AC, get up to three quotes. If your decision still isn’t clear, get a few extra ones.

Although it might take a while to receive quotes from each company you have an interest in, it’ll be worth it to save money.

As you compare quotes, you might find some outliers. A contractor that charges a higher or lower amount might not be the best option. Make sure you are getting the most out of the company based on what you are paying.

Cut AC Installation Prices!

Installing a new AC can be costly when labor and parts are added to the equation. Luckily, there are different ways to cut back the cost of an AC installation.

First, you’ll want to look into state and local incentives and combine them with manufacturer rebates if you can. Then, you can ask about off-season discounts in slower months.

Most importantly, compare the prices of different installers to find one that fits your budget.

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