Thinking of investing in a garage door? And yes, we call it an investment because garage doors are supposed to last a long time. You just have to pick the right one. While there’s a wide array to pick from, today we draw your attention to roller garage doors. Why? They are durable, easy to operate and generally low maintenance.

Even so, roller garage doors aren’t all the same. Despite serving the same purpose, their differences are enormous. This often makes singling out the right type for you daunting. Since they are such a huge investment, the last thing you need is to purchase a product that won’t meet your needs, resulting in low value for money.

Let us give you the tips you need to make the right purchase from the onset.

Check the Type

The market will present you with two types of roller doors to pick from. The differences lie in the overall construction, size, performance and application:

  • Single opening roller door: Also known as a continuous curtain roller door, this type offers plenty of headroom; valuable if that’s your priority. The door can either be manually operated or motorised. Either way, they allow for easy operation and are ideally suited for single doors.
  • Double opening roller door: This type is usually made of individual slats and designed to roll into smaller sections. Double opening doors are typically electrically operated, although you have the option to request for a customised manual operating door if you prefer. They’re generally quieter compared to single opening roller doors and offer higher levels of security.

How Much Does it Cost?

Garage doors come with different price tags. But you shouldn’t settle for the cheapest option. Price often reflects the quality of a product. You WILL get what you pay for and cheap garage doors are sometimes compromised where quality and performance are concerned.

Yes, cheaply priced is tempting, but sooner or later you may start experiencing reliability issues. This is because roller garage doors contain a number of moving parts that aid in the unit’s operation. You want to pick a door with sturdy parts. Compare a few quotes and rather settle for one that features a sturdy construction.

What Material is the Door Made Of?

Speaking of sturdy construction, consider what material makes up the garage door. The type of material used will to a large extent determine the product’s longevity.

You can never go wrong with doors made of superior aluminium. Aluminium is known for its  strength, durability and surprisingly lightweight properties.

Look for a Reputable Manufacturer

It’s important to make your purchase from a reputable company with experience in manufacturing roller garage doors.

Reputable manufactures have a reputation to maintain and rarely skimp on quality when designing products. But be that as it may, don’t assume. Research the company of interest by visiting its website and social media pages. Read feedback from customers who’ve previously engaged the company’s services. What are they saying about the company’s product quality and overall service?

Check the warranty offered on their products. Companies that are confident in the quality of their products usually offer reasonable warranty periods. Also, reputable companies offer professional garage roller door installation services. You won’t have to look for an independent contractor to install the door, saving you time and money.

Control Systems & Safety Features

Another factor to keep your eyes peeled for are the safety features and control systems that come with the product. It’s in your best interests to look for a door that uses the latest tech.

Manufacturers are always upgrading systems in a bid to make their products more efficient. Doors that use the latest control features are usually easier to operate. Also, make sure the door has the correct safety features installed.


Garage doors are primarily sought after for their functionality. But you don’t have to necessarily compromise on aesthetics. These doors are available in different colours. It’s wise to pick a colour that boosts your curb appeal.

Extra Features

Some garage door manufacturers go all out by adding bells and whistles to their products in a bid to attract buyers. These extra features tend to raise the price of the garage roller doors. Determine if the extra features are worth paying for. The following features may be worth the extra dollars:

  • Slats: If your ground isn’t level, you must pick a door with sloping bottom slats. If you want natural light to enter your space, pick a door with vision slats.
  • Guides: Opt for a door with extra wide guides if you want increased security.
  • Smartphone apps: This will come in handy if you want to control your garage door via your mobile phone for increased convenience.
  • Alarm system: Garage doors with an alarm system serve as additional security reinforcement in case someone attempts to break in.


Roller doors are definitely a worthwhile investment. The right door won’t only improve security on your property, but also increase its value. Are you ready to make your pick?

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