A townhouse is a home that’s spread out over 3 or more levels and may have a different number of rooms depending on the size. Architects in London have become brilliant at utilizing a townhouse, whether it’s to completely renovate the space or convert them into separate apartments instead.

Top Townhouse Interior Ideas

If you’re stumped on how to make the most out of your spacious townhouse, keep reading for some top interior ideas.

Minimalist Living Space

Although a townhouse has a lot of rooms, it may not feel spacious. If everything is crammed into the rooms, you’ll end up feeling like you live in a small, cluttered studio. Why not give minimalism a go and really open up the amount of space you’ve got to work with. Aim to use neutral colors with simple, clean furnishings to really breathe new life into the room.

Vintage Bathroom

Vintage Bathroom

Townhouses are traditionally older buildings, so why not roll with this when changing your interior? If you’re not wanting to make your whole place retro heaven, try giving the bathroom a vintage makeover. Bathrooms can often be overlooked when changing up the interior of a house, but giving it a classic, timeless look, you can really elevate the space. Replace any silver and chrome furnishings with brass or copper, and strip down to a bare wood floor. Not only will it create a unique rustic feel to the room, but you’ll also find yourself wanting to spend hours in the tub.

Try Something New

If you’ve got quite a few rooms and one has ended up being the designated “spare”, transform it into something completely new. Give the room a new purpose by adding a cozy reading corner or create the perfect work from home office. Don’t be afraid to go all out and your spare room will be the envy to all.

Balcony Garden

Create A Balcony Garden

Lots of townhouses also have balconies, some smaller and some fairly large. You might already have a couple of chairs out there to sit and ponder in the sun, but you could convert the space into a small garden. Add some peculiar-looking plants that can withstand most weather conditions and treat yourself to a super comfortable outdoor seat to give you a quiet, relaxing space.

Modernize Your Kitchen

With your kitchen, you may not want to replace all your appliances until they stop working, but you can still revamp the room by adding a few modern touches. You could change up the counters or swap the painted walls for tiles. Adding some contemporary seating to your table can really change the overall look too.

Modernize Your Kitchen

The most important part about upgrading your home interior is that you let your personality shine through. If you’d love to remodel your white-walled home into a dark, gothic space, don’t be afraid to take the idea and run with it! Don’t let the sheer volume of rooms put you off. It can be tough to figure out what to do with the space of a townhouse, but with some simple interior changes, you can revitalize and create a space that’s uniquely yours.

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