From malls to grocery stores to offices and more commercial properties are often a sound investment.

Even with initial costs being much higher for a commercial building than a residential property, the overall returns can be higher. Another advantage for commercial property owners is they don’t have to shoulder real estate taxes, maintenance fees, and building insurance if they lease their buildings to businesses using a triple net lease.

Now, as you know, the most common materials used are concrete and metal (steel) for industrial and commercial buildings. Metal commercial buildings are faster and less expensive to build compared to traditional concrete structures. They’re also more durable and energy-efficient, thanks to their good insulating properties.

That being said, let’s talk about some tips and tricks for constructing a metal commercial building.

1. Check With Your Local Zoning Office

Check With Your Local Zoning Office

Whether you plan to build a commercial building from scratch or customize a prefab steel structure, you need to meet the specific building codes in your city.

Local zoning laws will tell you if the land you plan to build on is suitable for commercial use. Aside from checking with your local zoning office, don’t skip hiring a surveyor. You’ll want to be aware of potential boundary issues before you go full bore on your metal building construction project.

2. Decide on Your Commercial Building Plan

Decide on Your Commercial Building Plan

What design elements do you want in your metal commercial building? Do you want your builder to implement green construction technologies?

It’s not enough that you check some commercial building layouts. You should hire an architect who can help you draw up a building plan, and an engineer to do structural calculations for your building.

3. Get Financing for Your Metal Building

Don’t start construction without making sure you’ll have enough funds to finish the project. If you need financing, prepare the documents before going to a bank or a construction loan lender.

You should also look into crowdfunding, where smaller investors come together and pool funds for specific projects. While it’s a newer type of financing, it might be the best option for your commercial building, so take some time to research crowdfunding platforms such as Groundfloor and RealtyMogul.

4. Select the Best Contractor

Select the Best Contractor

Building a commercial building that’s going to be profitable cannot happen without the right contractor. You want your project to be on-time and on-budget.

If you don’t have a contractor yet, start drawing up a list. Get names from your network and set up meetings. The contractor you choose shouldn’t just offer reasonable rates. They should be licensed, insured, bonded, and they must specialize in metal buildings.

5. Schedule Periodic Inspections

Once you’ve hired a contractor, don’t leave everything to them. You’ll want to check every phase of the construction to ensure health and safety standards are being met.

If you don’t have an inspection team, you can hire a certified commercial building inspector.

Are You Ready to Start Construction?

Now that you know some tips for commercial building construction, are you excited to start your project?

If you still have some questions about metal buildings, commercial property development, and so on, check out our other posts. We also have tons of articles on home improvement, sustainable building practices, and more.

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