Do you want to makeover your home this weekend, but don’t know how? Is your room looking a bit drab and in need of some color? If these two statements sound like they describe you and your house, then maybe it’s time that you take a look at peel and stick wallpapers and why they should be your next Home improvement project.

Peelable wallpapers are great for the do-at-home decorator who wants to change things up on a whim, without having to repaint or redecorate everything.   It is also perfect for those who lack artistic talent and desire good looking results with little effort. With customizable wallpaper, even an amateur can achieve professional looking results!

Why Wallpaper Should be Your Next Home Improvement Project

Your Next Home Improvement Project

Ease of Installation

Peel and stick wallpapers are easy to reposition and remove, so it is very easy to install and unlikely to result in the most common home improvement injuries. It will save you the headache of having to redecorate when you find that perfect picture or pattern. You can go from one style to another in just moments!

Unlimited Choices

There are many brands of super cute nursery wallpaper on the market today, meaning there are hundreds to choose from. Not only are there different designs, but you have all sorts of color choices as well. Once you try these wallpaper, your interior design possibilities will be limitless!

Renovating & Remodeling Made Easy

Have a new addition added onto your house? Want to redo your kitchen? If so, peelable wallpapers are perfect for you! Simply remove the wallpaper in the room that is being redone and replace it when the construction or renovations are complete.

Quick & Easy to Remove and Reinstall

Not only are these wallpapers easy to cut while still on the roll, but they’re also quick and easy to install. With just a little bit of tape here and there, your new look will be ready within hours instead of days or weeks!

Affordable Way to Refresh Your Look

Customizable peel and stick wallpaper won’t cost nearly as much as buying new furniture, repainting an entire room, or having to get carpets replaced. This makes it one of the most affordable ways to completely change the look and feel of a room without buying new things.

Easily Customizable

With peel and stick wallpaper, you’re not stuck with just one design or pattern choice. You can choose many and simply replace them whenever you please. If you tire of your favorite image or pattern, then just remove it and put up something else!   When you go to move out or renovate again, you won’t have to repaint the walls because they’ve been covered all along!

Brilliant Ways to Add Wallpaper to Your Space

Brilliant ways to add Wallpaper to your space

One way to change things around your house is through peelable wallpaper. Maybe you are searching for easy home improvement project ideas or quick designing ideas, this part will show how it’s done! Read on to discover more about this hot trend for transforming your walls without too much effort or cost involved!

Measure the Area

Like most DIY projects, the first step is to measure the area you are looking to cover. This ensures that your wallpaper will fit properly and match up with other patterns in the room. Remember though, not all peelable wallpapers come in one-roll covers so it is important to take the measurements of each individual wall if there is more than one involved.

Paint the Wall With a Primer

Peel and stick wallpaper works best on smooth surfaces such as walls or doors because of its peelable adhesive backing. The adhesive slowly releases over time allowing you flexibility when applying your new design. For added adhesion, it can be helpful to paint the wall with a primer before application, but this isn’t always necessary unless painting over a dark color.

Try a Paint Additive

If you are worried about peeling off paint along with your old wallpaper, then try out a paint additive, which can help you achieve better results. Paint additives are good for more than just painting over wallpaper!

Peel the Backing off Your Wallpaper

After priming and painting have had time to dry, it is now time to apply the peelable wallpaper. The first step is peeling off the backing of your new pattern from its protective film, while trying not to crease or fold the paper in any way. This stage requires a little patience because you want to make sure that there isn’t an air bubble underneath before applying it to your wall. If you get an air bubble under your paper, then use a pin to pop it and smooth out the problem area with an extra strip of paper or by rubbing it out with your hand.

Apply the Wallpaper to The Wall

Once you have successfully peeled off all of its protective backing, then it is time to apply your new paper design to the surface that you are trying to cover. Holding the paper on one end, begin smoothing out any air bubbles by folding them in, while moving your way down the wall. Also be sure to use a leveler on both sides of the wall periodically during application because this will help make sure that there aren’t any uneven or crooked parts once dry. This also goes for if there is an area where the pattern isn’t lining up correctly, adjust it before it dries!

Finish Applying Your Wallpaper Paste

Finish Applying Your Wallpaper Paste

After you have finished applying your wallpaper, you can also add a finishing touch of paste if desired for further adhesion and durability. This is especially helpful on doors or less smooth surfaces where extra hold might be needed!

Why buy interior decorating books, magazines, or hire an expensive designer when peel and stick wallpapers allow you to create beautiful patterns and designs at home? Try peelable wallpapers for yourself today and see why more people are making them their first choice when it comes to home decorating.

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