Did you know that more than 8 in 10 Americans have a lawn or green space on their property?

A healthy, well-kept lawn serves as the centerpiece to any healthy yard, providing a functional and aesthetic space for you to enjoy all year round.

However, unwanted weeds can turn your green space into an overgrown nightmare. We’ve put together this guide on weed control for lawns to help equip you in dealing with pesky weeds.

Read on for four weed control tips you can trust.

1. Stay on Top of Weed Control

Weed Control

The first and most obvious way to manage garden weeds is regular manual weeding.

Identify the weeds you’re having problems with, then use a hoe or hand tool to remove the weed from the base. Be careful to remove as much of the root as possible. This is particularly important with regenerative weeds like dandelions and bindweeds.

Weeds are a natural part of your garden, and even the healthiest lawns are bound to harbor a few specimens. Avoid over-weeding as it can help unwanted plants spread and leave your lawn looking patchy.

2. Utilize Mulch

Flowerbeds and shrubberies form an ideal border for your lawn or green space. However, fertilized beds also make an ideal nursery for lawn weeds.

Covering the surface of your flowerbeds with a thick bark mulch prevents weeds from germinating and spreading to your lawn. Apply a semi-permeable membrane to the bed, leaving holes for your flowers and shrubs.

Then, spread an even layer of organic mulch at a thickness of around 3 inches. This will prevent weed growth and add nutrients to the soil in your garden.

Use These Lawn Care Tips

3. Don’t Over-Water Your Lawn

Just like your lawn, weeds need water to thrive. Overwatering can lead to uncontrollable outbreaks of fast-growing and spreading lawn weeds.

Moreover, too much water can actually have an adverse effect on the health of your lawn, giving weeds and fungus a chance to move in unchallenged.

Avoid using an automatic sprinkler. Instead, water once a day during dry spells, preferably in the morning. This will give your lawn enough moisture for the day without encouraging rampant weed growth.

4. Call a Weed Control Service

While home maintenance is important, you also need to know when to call in a professional lawn weed control service.

Professional weed control services have the knowledge and equipment to rid your garden lawn of weeds and create an ongoing care plan to ensure the longevity of your green space.

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Weed Control Service

Unlocking Effective Weed Control For Lawns

If you want a stunning green space in your yard, weed control for lawns is an essential part of maintenance.

Through regular weeding, good garden management, and proper watering routines, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a weed-free lawn. But remember, if you’re having persistent problems, professional weed control services can help.

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