Split rail fences have become a tradition among many homeowners. Split rail fences get their name from the design of it with the horizontal logs representing rail tracks. Split rail fences are also known as log fences since they’re made out of wood. However, there are variants of the split rail fence that is made of aluminum instead of wood. Here are some of the differences between the two and why Americans have used split rail fence for sale of their homes.

Which is better: Wood Vs Vinyl

As mentioned before, typically a split rail fence is made out of wood however you can choose to have a split rail fence constructed of vinyl.


The wood split rail fence has a rustic charm to it. You’ve seen it in movies and in real life, it is many people’s number one choice because of the look. The intricate patterns in the wood add to the entire aesthetics of a split rail fence. If you have gardens on the property or grass around your property, the wooden split rail fence will go perfectly with it, blending into the landscape. Wooden split rail fence is sturdy and can be customized easily. Paintworks well with such types of fences too.


On the other hand, vinyl split rail fences have caught on the attention of homeowners. Since wood is natural, it is affected by the environment and is not resilient to harsh conditions. This can eventually lead to cracks within the fence that would require mending. Vinyl is synthetic and more resistant to weather conditions and the environment around than wood.

The biggest disadvantage of having wood split rail fences is that wood is prone to termites. You would need to treat it with special chemicals to ward off termites and other insects. At times you might even find that livestock is chewing away at your wood fence. You can avoid such problems with a vinyl split rail fence. However, vinyl is much more expensive than wood and does not look that aesthetically pleasing. The costs on the other hand to maintain these fences differ immensely. You do not need to maintain vinyl split rail fences, unlike wood that requires maintenance every now and then.

Split Rail Fence

Why have people used split rail fence for sale of their homes?

If you’re looking to sell your property or home, you better have a split rail fence. Properties without split rail fences have a lower chance of being sold than those with one. There are a few benefits as to why people used split rail fence for sale of their property.

Some of the benefits as to why people have used split rail fence for sale of their homes is as follows.

  1. Split rail fences are used to mark one’s territory. This is very useful if you have a large area and want to let people know the area you own. This is particularly advantageous when home buyers come to visit your property and see a large fenced area. It sends a silent message to the buyers that this entire area might be theirs which in itself is a successful sign for those who have used split rail fence for sale of their property.
  2. Perhaps your property is not as big but the beauty of the land could be completed with a split rail fence. This is why many people have used split rail fence for sale of their homes as it adds a rustic charm to the property that is inviting to home buyers.
  3. Although split rail fences have their rustic charm and that is why many people get them fitted on their property, however, the reason why people have used split rail fence for sale of their homes is that it’s cheaper than having vinyl or aluminum fences.
  4. Many people would like to customize their fences by either painting them or adding wires around them for added protection in case of predators. It can easily accommodate different customization options giving home buyers peace of mind that most of the work is already done. Just a bit of tweak here and there could make it more than perfect for the new movers.
  5. A split rail fence gives a feeling of security. We’ve all seen movies where a house in the middle of nowhere gives everyone the creeps. With a split rail fence in place, it gives homeowners a sense of protection. A property without a split rail fence might ward off the home-buyers as they might think the property is not safe or they wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of fencing a property to make it safe.

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