Tear down, build anew.

Garages are an essential part of any home. They protect your car from the elements, and they serve as a good space to store items. But not all garages serve their purpose.

You may need to tear down your old garage. But you can’t just take a sledgehammer to it. You need to know some things before you proceed.

Here is a quick guide to garage demolition.

The First Steps

The first thing you need is a goal. You want to tear down your garage, but you should determine what to do next. You may want that space empty, or you may want to build a new garage.

The next thing you will need is a timeline. Consider when you will demolish a garage. Decide how many people you need, and how long it will take to tear down a garage.

The next thing you need is a permit. Visit your local zoning officer and talk to them about your plans.

They will ask you questions about what you plan to do. Be prepared to give them complete details. You will have to pay a fee, usually one hundred dollars.

Turn off all utilities to the garage. Call your utility company as soon as you get your permit because it may take a couple of weeks for utilities to turn off. Shut off all gas, power, and water lines that run near your garage.

Figure out disposal for all of your debris. You should also find a place for anything in your garage. These offered brand-name storage quality at low prices.

How to Demolish a Garage

You can start your demolition by removing roofing materials. Get onto your roof with a pry bar or claw hammer. Tear off your ridge cap, then remove each of your shingles one-by-one.

Use the same pry bar or claw hammer to remove window and door trim. Then you can tear off the garage siding and drywall. Collapse the wall and roof structures bit-by-bit as you go along.

Removing the garage doors is tricky. Garage doors are bulky, and manufacturers design them for maximum durability. Garage door springs are under very high pressure, so be cautious as you remove them.

Open the doors and lock them into position. Remove the tension in the cables that support the doors. The doors will ease down, and then you and another person can remove them.

You can then pull out the windows and framing. The only thing that will be left is the slab. You can build a new garage there, or you can demolish the concrete.

Recycle as many of your materials as possible. Most pipes, electrical wires, and fixtures are recyclable. Buy a separate disposal unit and designate it for recyclables.

Learn More Garage Demolition Tips

Demolition isn’t just for derbies. You can demolish your garage with ease.

Conceive a plan for your garage demolition, then get a permit. Shut off all utilities to your garage.

Start with your roof and work your way down. Remove your walls bit-by-bit, then remove your doors and windows. Recycle as many things as you can.

Learning how to tear down a garage takes some time. Follow our coverage for more garage demolition tips.

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