The median salary for plumbers and pipefitters was estimated to be 56330 dollars in 2020! Is it any wonder salaries are so competitive when good plumbing is hard to live without.

Nobody likes to think about plumbing problems, but they can happen at any time. It’s important to have a well-maintained home plumbing system, so you can avoid costly repairs.

The following guide will show you the basics of home plumbing maintenance so that you can know how to keep your system up and running.

Regularly Inspect Pipes

Regularly Inspect Pipes

It is important to regularly inspect pipes for any signs of damage. If you see any, be sure to fix them right away before they worsen.

Procrastinating is never a good option when you spot a plumbing problem. Call in a professional.

Protect Your Pipes from Freezing

Pipes that are not protected by insulation can freeze if they are exposed to cold temperatures outside. If this happens, turn on the faucet at the highest point in the plumbing system to ensure water flow and reduces any pressure.

You can also wrap pipes with insulation or install heat tape to prevent future freezing problems. This can become a part of your home plumbing maintenance plan.

Look Out For Stains

If you notice stains on floors, ceiling tiles, or walls, you may have a leaky pipe somewhere in your plumbing system.

You can use an electronic device called a water probe to find and pinpoint the problem area so that it can be fixed quickly without further damage.

Leaky Pipes and Clogged Drains

Leaky Pipes and Clogged Drains

The most common cause of slow-draining sinks is hair or grease buildup in the drain hole.

You can use a plunger to force air into the clogged pipe and push out any debris.

A leaking pipe is likely due to an issue with the pipe joints. It could be a loose connection, but it might also mean the pipe material is corroding or eroding.

Install the Right Devices

Install backflow devices in sinks and toilet bowls to prevent contaminated water from entering the home plumbing system through those fixtures.

This is a necessary precaution for households with children or those who are immunodeficient.

If you have a well, make sure that you have a good pressure tank installed so that you can have adequate water pressure. You can go to this page to find a qualified professional to install it for you.

Win at Home Plumbing Maintenance

Win at Home Plumbing Maintenance

Home plumbing maintenance is something that you cannot afford to neglect. If you do you may end up having to deal with some costly repairs. High repair costs can often be avoided by simply being observant and taking the time to find out exactly what is happening with your plumbing system.

When you can do the maintenance yourself then go ahead and do so. If you find that there are things you cannot handle call in a professional.

If you would like more home care tips, please visit the interior home improvement section of the blog.

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